It Is Now Possible To Improve Your Windows Firewall With Tinywall


Firewall is very important for computers. Getting the right Firewall has proven difficult. Why not try the new TinyWall for your Windows 7?

A firewall is software that actually works as a wall. This means it allows or denies network connections by using set rules. It is useful in protecting your computer from unauthorized network connections with the public internet. The Windows 7 Firewall has been under a lot of unfair scrutiny. This can be attributed to the fact that it has poor configuration options. Yes, it is not 100% effective but nothing really is. TinyWall has been warmly welcomed as it is very effective in restricting children to access certain sites. Unlike other Firewalls, TinyWall does not notify the user that an unauthorized connection is about to take place. It simply blocks it. This is quite safe for children as they will not discover these sites unlike in the other Firewalls that show alerts. This will however prove faulty when it an adult who is online. This is because the connection could be actually useful and yet it stays hidden.

To put a program in the white list, you have to right click on the icon and choose the ‘white list by process’ option. You should then choose the program you want to white list. This is however a rather long and tiring process. An advantage of this program is that on installation, it immediately scans your PC to identify the safe programs. The tool will generally expound on the normal Windows firewall making it more sufficient.

The program can be used in any windows. It is quite efficient even though there have been complaints about it. For more information about the program visit the TinyWall site.  It will give you easier control of who gets to go online and who doesn’t. It also keeps the internet safe for your kids. It is also an easy to fix program.

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