The New Megauploads With Easy Access Files


The law firm representig  has cleared that the users of MegaUploads will be able to get important files because of the negotiations they had with the US Government. The lawyers are building their evidence as they continue to negotiate with the government as the main agenda.

When the lawyers discussed with the government they decided, a clear decision was reached concerning the possibility of the public accessing the information.  The services come with 2 hosting in the United States that is meant for the storage of vital information alongside the Cogent Communications. After the US authorities they blocked he services two weeks back it also stopped the MegaUploads assets leaving the users without any finances. On Monday, the major announcements were made public through social sites so that almost every on can be notified about the negotiation.  The message in the Tweet and face book is clear and everyone can easily understand. According to the U.S Attorney Neil MacBride on February the deletion is likely to commence soon.

There is great from the affected foundations that are going to support the MegaUploads users to retrieve their data. The electronic Frontier Foundation they have communicated with the Carpathia on Tuesday and decided to have their partnership Mega Retrieval that is going to work with the users to get their files on MegaUploads server. The government has not taken action since the properties of the users of where taken without notification making the EFT to be stranded. Julie Samuels of the EFT attorney said the users had the right of their voices to be heard as the process is carried on. Ronthen the hosting company, has declared its willingness to cooperate with MegaUploads data while the firm continues to negotiate with the U.S government.

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