The Launch Of Pale Moon Or Waterfox As An Alternative Of Firefox

The Firefox 12 was launched in the recent past and to the dismay of most of users, it was not as expected. It did not have any new technologies that one can brag about. You might have installed it since it comes as an update and the previous Firefox were headed in the right direction. Since it was not liked by many, the manufacturer has released a newer version of the browser. You will love the fact that you can choose between the two offered browsers. They have added the two options of Pale Moon 12 and Waterfox 12 for the user.

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Microsoft Releases Microsoft Security Essentials 4

Microsoft Security Essentials 4

The Microsoft Essentials anti-virus has been around for some time now. Most people have complained that it is not very informative as to how it deals with the attack. Some have also complained that the scanning process is long and it had a lot to be improved on.

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Cloudfogger – The Best Way To Protect Online Data

The Cloudfogger is free and you can download it anytime that you want. The product is therefore a very useful one and must have for all computer users especially those who back up their data online. It is compatible with Windows and there is android beta for android users. It is expected that the Mac and iOS versions will be out soon.

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