Adapter 1.4 Converter Has Now Been Launched



Programs like Freemake video converter are quite useful for downloading and converting video into different formats for windows PC users. However Mac users have not had the opportunity to use as versatile tool as the Freemake video converter.  Well, with the arrival of Adapter 1.4 converter, this is no longer the case.

Adapter 1.4 converter does a far better job than its predecessors which include MacTubes and Handbrake. The converter goes a step further in the sense by being windows compatible. The program will convert video from and to a wide variety of formats which include MP4, MKV, AVI, MPG and flash video formats. The Adapter 1.4 video converter offers the option of manually tweaking output settings or using any one of the numerous presets. The presets are for formats used on a larger number of video consoles and mobile devices. This includes iPad’s retina display and Apple TV 2.

The Adapter video converter also offers video editing features such as video trimming. This feature allows you to reduce the size of videos by shaving unwanted extras from the ends. The converter also makes it possible to separate the audio and video tracks. The Adapter 1.4 converter has its own web browser which helps the use to download flash video content. The flash video can then converted into any number of formats to allow easy viewing. The windows compatible version of the program is not as developed as the Mac version. The latest version is the 1.0.30 version. The Mac version has undergone a number of transformations including a new interface, improved conversion filters and increased support for portable devices. The Adapter 1.4 converter is free for a limited period.  The available windows version is the Adapter 1.0.30 version.

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