Microsoft Releases Microsoft Security Essentials 4

Microsoft Security Essentials 4
Microsoft Security Essentials 4

Microsoft Security Essentials 4

Microsoft Security Essentials is a well known anti-virus. Most people like this anti-virus as it is very easy to use. A newer version Microsoft Security Essentials 4 has now been released.

An anti-virus is very important to every computer user. This is because it protects the computer and the user’s personal information form malicious software. The Microsoft Essentials anti-virus has been around for some time now. Most people have complained that it is not very informative as to how it deals with the attack. Some have also complained that the scanning process is long and it had a lot to be improved on. So the manufacturer has heard all these cries and they have come up with a better version of the anti-virus. This is the Microsoft Security Essentials 4. It has undergone some drastic improvements like the automatic remediation can now quarantine the threats on its own. In the previous version of the anti-virus, the user had to initiate the quarantine process. If you still want to initiate it on your own, you can turn the automatic option off. This has catered for all types of users especially with regards to the automatic or manual usage of the anti-virus. It has also improved the scanning process which is now a bit faster and more efficient. There is also improvement in the malware detection option. The program is compatible with the Microsoft Active Protection Service which will help keep spy ware aware from your computer. You will also be surprised as it is now faster in responding to threats.

In summary, Microsoft, who are the producers of this product, have generally improved on the weak points of the previous versions. You will be able to download the Microsoft Security Essentials 4 over the internet. You can also read more about it in their web page.

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