The Launch Of Pale Moon Or Waterfox As An Alternative Of Firefox

Firefox is known as one of the best browsers today. But even the best do have their faults. If you have not been satisfied by the Firefox, the release of Pale Moon or the Waterfox is good news for you.

Browsing is one of the reasons why we get laptops and computers. Everyone loves to do it whether it is for business or just for social networking and such. The Firefox 12 was launched in the recent past and to the dismay of most of users, it was not as expected. It did not have any new technologies that one can brag about. You might have installed it since it comes as an update and the previous Firefox were headed in the right direction. Since it was not liked by many, the manufacturer has released a newer version of the browser. You will love the fact that you can choose between the two offered browsers. They have added the two options of Pale Moon 12 and Waterfox 12 for the user. The Pale Moon 12 does not have a maintenance service. This means that you cannot update it automatically. You will therefore have to search for other places in the internet where you can download it. For some this is too hectic but a majority of people like the idea that they have the freedom to choose how to update their browser. The changes made to this version are relatively tiny and so there is still much work to be done with regards to the latest version. We do not doubt that this will be done.

You can try the latest version and choose the option that you are most comfortable with. You can download it from the internet. Do not forget that Firefox is still considered one of the best browsers yet. You can therefore rest easy when you are browsing.

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  • I’m sorry but your post is terribly misinformed.
    1) Pale Moon is not affiliated with the Mozilla Corporation and the browser is not released by them as an alternative (same goes for Waterfox). Both Pale Moon and Waterfox are developed independently.
    2) Pale Moon has an internal updater which will check for newer versions automatically, the difference is that it will not install them silently without the user’s knowledge (like Firefox does from now on)
    3) V12.1 has a lot more changes in the browser. You’re running behind on the news 😉
    4) Pale Moon comes in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, Waterfox is exclusively 64-bit. Waterfox will not be very compatible in terms of plugins or systems it can run on as a result.

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