The New Sencha Architect 2 As A Branch Of Extension Designer

This is the new brand of the HTML5 User Interface tool Extension Designer. This is a developer tool from software company Sencha Inc. The software gives developers the much needed tools to develop desktop and mobile web applications.

The software offers a visual application builder and a powerful code editor.  Sencha Architect provides new support for mobile phones which includes native packaging deployment for Android and iOS. The code used by the developer tool is meant to be best practice compliant which allows for the building of large applications. It also makes the developer easy to use. The developer is meant to be used in creating cross-platform HTML applications in a simple easy to work with visual drag and drop environment.

Download Sencha Architect 2 – WIN | Download Sencha Architect 2 –  Mac

Download Sencha Architect 2 – Linux

The Sencha Architect is an upgrade from previous Ext Designer HTML layout. It is compatible with Sencha Touch 2 and EXT JS 4 and can thus be used to develop touch based mobile applications. The developer allows designers and engineers to work together by offering more than the usual user interface design. This is the main reason the makers of the software dropped the term designer in the name of the developer.

Sencha Architect 2 allows users to drag and drop the components that they intend to use in the user interface. These components are then connected to backend data sources. The developer offers pre-built user interface controls and also allows the use to code their controls. It makes it easy for a team to work on the same app by allowing for collaborative workflow. The files created by the developer do not generate dependencies because they are fully java script. You can only user the software by purchasing a single license for $399. Discounts are also available for purchases of 5 to 20 licenses. If you are a user of Ext Designer, Sencha offers a discounted upgrade. Sencha Architect 2 is compatible with Mac OS, Linux and Windows platforms.

Download Sencha Architect 2 – WIN

Download Sencha Architect 2 –  Mac

Download Sencha Architect 2 – Linux

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