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Uniblue MaxiDisk

The Uniblue PowerSuite is best known as being a valuable system maintenance tool that will update your drivers, clean out junk files as well as configure your Windows registry. Well, that maintenance tool just got better with the introduction of MaxiDisk. With MaxiDisk it is now possible to restore and maintain your hard drive in tip –top shape. It will now be possible to delegate all crucial system maintenance operations to the Uniblue Power suite.

I f you happen to have used the defragmentation tool provided in Windows you probably felt the tool not very effective. First the defragmentation takes too long and one is never really satisfied.  MaxiDisk promises to do away with these qualms. First and foremost the analysis of the level of fragmentation is much faster with MaxiDisk. MaxiDisk also provides you with basic information on the organization of data on your hard drive in addition to an indication of whether you need to defragment. However reorganization of files will take time but it worth it.

MaxiDisk also offers the option of a system clean up. This feature scans for junk files and out of date back ups. This are then removed freeing up more space o your drive. MaxiDisk has a feature that compresses the largest files in order to free up space. While these options should precede the defragmenting, they are offered afterwards which is kind of odd. However they are still quite useful features. There is also an additional feature that offers to decompress compressed files once space is available. One is also able to schedule the defragmentation which saves you the trouble of having to do it manually every time. All in all, MaxiDisk is quite basic in its function as a defragmenting tool. However when you consider that it’s an addition to a performance maintenance suite, MaxiDisk is a worthy addition.

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