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Choosing the best Firefox can be quite challenging especially with the various introductions from Firefox 13 final. Mozilla has consequently updated its well known versions to 14(beta), 1 new tab 5(aurora) and nightly (16) in that order. With the new versions under the version 13, it is close to impossible choosing which one to go by. It is quite obvious that one should note the important features of each in order to choose which Firefox to use.

It goes without say that the most recommended Firefox for most users is the Firefox 13.0 final. Basically, it is the most stable build Firefox with excellent features and known optimum performance. The version brings out a new version home pages as well as new tab pages. The Firefox 13.0 final also has support for tabs on demand as well as reloading of web pages and restoring of previous browsing sessions.

Firefox 14.0b6 beta is also known for its mobile android version which supports flash video in the android 2.x and4.x.the transitions to the beta version from the famous aurora version are rather slow though they are quite notable. One of the features that have greatly changed is the game-changing features which include the URL auto complete which is now found in the version 14.

Firefox 15.0a2 aurora has been upgraded in a great way. This allows you to have a look at its features without necessarily affecting your browsing sessions. The most notable features in this version is the fact that they are still marked as definitions and therefore they might fail to appear the Firefox 15.such features include integrating web applications into the desktop among others.

Finally Firefox 16.0a1 nightly allows users to access to code hot off the press as well as well as many other installations this version is rarely table and its features tend to change over and over again. It is therefore always upon the user to choose which Firefox to choose.

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