My Daily WallPaper Has Been Launched To Help Rejuvenate The Desktop

My Daily Wallpaper

The launch of My Daily Wallpaper has come as good news for those who are tired of the same windows wallpapers. It is now possible to revitalize your desktop using this latest tool.

The good advantage is that the set up of the program is extremely understandable and easy.  The fact that it comes in a small 186Kb makes it not only portable, but also able to consume less space. There are zero installation hustles or browser toolbars. The only thing that user is required to do is to unzip the file and beginning is all set. With this tool, there are plenty of wallpapers to choose. It offers a golden chance to beautify the desktop and make it livelier. My Daily Wallpaper gets its image from good sources such as Deviant ART. As a matter of fact, there are more than 132,000 wallpapers at your disposal. The best thing for users to do is to find their favorite images as all these may not be appealing to them. It is hustle free to locate your favorite image by simply checking out your favorite category. They have been categorized in terms of landscapes, animals, science fiction and plants.

It is good to know that My Daily Wallpaper works as a wallpaper browser. The moment the user has chosen the right category of wallpaper, the next step is to download it. It will display four different images. If you are not satisfied with these, you can proceed to select more categories and download different wallpapers for your desktop. If this procedure seems to be difficult for you, there is the Auto start option where the program can automatically set new wallpaper every time you log on or turn the system on. The good news is that this program does not waste any resources by performing indefinite runs. It is a compact and simple program to use with lots of aces to images.

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