Trackerbird Launches With Better Features For Software Developers And Vendors




Trackerbird, the renowned cloud based desktop software has finally launched offering users great availability. Through the platform, it will be easier for all net software vendors to embed tracking mechanism.

Trackerbird is very essential for software developers and vendors.  It will now be possible to monitor installations, trends of usage, demographics and license conversations. This is an application that works similar to the Concerity Analytics but offers better features with much more simplicity. A user is required to integrate the program’s SDK into a desktop application. After this, it will be possible to get anonym zed efforts and details of all the conversations regarding the funnel analysis. It is important to know that all the software usage data that Trackerbird collects are anonymous. In addition, there are no IP addresses stored when the program is working. If you are a developer, you can make the analytics to be an option and the user can opt to run. The program also comes with the direct to desktop message service. The service that is also called ReachOut, accord the developers to send messages and surveys to the desktop certain users. However, it has to be users who meet some behavioral profiles. These requirements can include country, language spoken or written, license status and the operating system. In this way, software developers are able to strengthen their marketing relationships with their respective clients. This happens without the need of interfering with other customer’s privacy.

In a statement to newsrooms on Tuesday, the chief executive officer of Trackerbird said that this program is not a collection tool but rather a useful engine that is going to provide answers to product management questions headed that most of the software companies have a lot of benefit from the use of software analytical tools. Despite this, they ought to be very careful when selecting the tools to use.

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