Xara Launches Designer MX 8 And Pro X 8

XARA Designer MX And Pro X 8
XARA Designer MX And Pro X 8

XARA Designer MX And Pro X 8

Xara has caught its fans by surprise with the release of Designer MX 8 and Designer Pro X 8 versions. These are packages that were formerly called Xtreme and Xtreme pro.

The aim of these latest releases is to improve versatility. These two latest programs come in handy if you want to handle large photo editing and illustrations. The two can also play a great role in basic flash animation and web graphic tasks. The Pro X 8 comes with the necessary tools to enable users create full websites and online presentations. Needless to say, it also has a support for top notch design features. This includes color separation, PDF/X and Pantone. Indeed, the release of the program has come as a better tool with the inclusion of interesting additions. There are simply many standout features that provide more admiration.

Text styles option is a better feature in both the Designer pro X 8 and the Designer MX 8. It is a feature that helps users to modify the look and texts right across the document within a few clicks. In addition to this, there are also photo editing enhancements such as color selection and better tone adjustment tools. Lest you forget, the new versions have a better share menu making it easy to share media files with single Medias such as face book. It is also easy to share files with FLickr Xara/magic applications. In addition to this, there is admirable image optimization and quicker publishing. There are simply too many usability improvements and enhancements included in these two release versions. For instance, designer Pro X 8 has different useful web features. It has paper resizing options where objects can reposition automatically when you are adding or removing texts. Apart from the inclusion of an MP3 paler, there is also a better web presentation improvement. There is no doubt that these Xara releases can deliver better functionality for a reasonable price.

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