You Can Now Use The Try Wpic To Capture A Bigger Webpage


Wpic is a new tool form Woanware that has been launched with the aim of making it easy to capture large WebPages.

Wpic has always been easy to capture the image of small pages. All you require to do is to open it in a browser and then proceed to paste the results on your preferred graphic tool. If you edit and save the outcome, you will have successfully captured the webpage. However, capturing becomes an uphill task and more challenging if the page to be captured is too large. Wpic comes as the perfect console tool with zero concessions. The moment you opt to launch the program, you do not have to launch any URL or output file. The tool requires the users to specify them on the command line. The story is also the same if you need to frequently capture an image of the same page even though the procedure may differ. Just automate Wpic in order to make it run in scripts and proceed to scheduled tasks the moment the computer turns on.

The biggest advantage with the new Wpic is the fact that it runs automatically and only when necessary. Unlike the previous screen capture tools, this ensures that it does not waste RAM space. Also, it ensures that the system is not clattered with a lot of icons that may make the machine to be slow. Over and above everything, this tool is based on Chromium project. This ensures that the page you target will be as accurate as possible. It is a tool that is user friendly, potable and free of all users. For computer users who need to capture the same pages as frequent as possible, this is a program that could prove to be helpful and beneficial. You can as well use it when referring to your test pages.

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