Flipboard 1.9 Now Comes With Features That Enable You Listen As You Read



Flipboard 1.9 version is now available as a support for audio and more usual text and other image based contents. With the release, it will now be possible to scan audio content and play it in the background as you keep working and browsing.

FlipBoard is an app for iOS and Android. It comes with support for national public radio and sound cloud. Moreover, the feature also supports public radio international. As such, the user has the opportunity to listen to a lot of radio broadcasts and a variety of podcasts. Moreover, connecting FlipBoard to SoundCloud offer more options and features. For instance, the combination offers you a chance to listen to sounds that have been shared or created by the people you know such as friends. These are significant changes that will have radical impact on the social networking tool. Interestingly, the sound that you encounter while using the app can be shared through social remedy sites such as face book, tweeter and related services. It is also good to know that there are a number of online radio stations that have been designed specifically for the Flipboard audience. In fact, experts have foreseen that soon artists are going to use the app as a means of communicating and collaborating with the crowd.

The latest version simply has a lot to offer users. For instance, it is able to improve accessibility options. Apart from this, there is also the VocieOver feature that makes it possible for users to listen to articles instead of having to read them. This is great change in this version that makes it easy for the user to concentrate on an article than when reading it. Apart from support for readability, there is also a full version of the Japanese language. This is a feature that will enable you to have an option for time shifting your reading.

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