Secure Your Iphone/Ipad Information With LastPass Wallet

Lastpass Wallet

Lastpass Wallet has now come up with a new version application for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The developer of LastPass family and other password storage products has assured users of the safety of this app called LastPass Wallet.

The new free app is designed in a way to offer its users better features by providing tools that will enhance the viewing, creating and managing of notes. LastPass Wallet also has enabled tools that make it provide templates for users to enable them create notes that are meant for sensitive personal information. This is vital information that is usually found on the user’s wallet or the credit card details. The sensitive information may also include wireless password and passport numbers. When a new user logs into the app using an existing free password, the LastPass Wallet sync is evidently clear. It is interesting to know that this app also allows you to create new notes and come up with numerous templates for common types of personal information. These templates are important because they make it easy to fill specific fields. Upon completion, you can opt to save the note or include additional media items such as photos and clips.

Moreover, the note can also be organized into groups. In this way, it will become easy to spot it even in a large list of notes and items. The question of the data security will always arise. has assured users that this new app stores data encrypted in the cloud. Decryption and encryption takes place in the computer hence the safety of the data. With the option for users to include a master password, data has never been this safe before. Moreover, it is always advisable to not take the box in order to save log on information especially when prompted. When you go to switch or log on from another app, you have to be prompted for the pin code. This is definitely the ideal way of storing wallet contents in a digital format using the iphone or the iPad. It does not matter if you are a new or old school LastPass user.

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