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Maintaining a large website is not a simple task and it even gets trickier when it comes to validating various links. Broken links can be so annoying plus it reduces the visibility of your search engine which is a very important part of your operations. It is important to note that the search engines allow people to find you. When the links are broken, it becomes close to impossible for your friends or visitors to find you a particular link.

LinkChecker is one of the most efficient tools to help you validate a site’s link at any one point. Acquiring LinkChecker is not a difficult process at all. All you need to do is enter the URL, click on start and within no time, the program will begin working on your site. LinkChecker has the ability to identify problems with your site. This does not take long since it is displayed on your screen immediately.

Some of the common errors that are likely to be shown once the LinkChecker starts to operate is the Error: 404 Not Found which normally means that the link you are trying to open cold be dead. LinkChecker also alerts users on such problems as the error 405’s which means method not allowed, permanent redirects and access denied by robots.txt errors among others.

As much as some of these errors might take long to be displayed, it allows you to save important files before you lose them permanently. Such documents can be saved efficiently on HTML for further references. Therefore, whatever problems you might be having, you can rest assured that LinkChecker will help you detect them and validate your sites as efficiently as possible. Once you get to know the problems, you can fix them manually and continue with your operations. LinkChecker is easy to install, free of charge and scans your website within the shortest period of time to identify existing problems and errors. It also deals with configuration issues on your website. If your websites have not been validated of late, you definitely need to download this free software.

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