Capture Images Of Your Screen With The Live Capture

Most people always admire to capture images of their screen every other time. As much as windows have the ability to capture the image, it is worth going an extra mile to get the extra features that come with Live Capture. Live Capture is a specialist screen grabber which comes with more options compared to any other screen grabber. One of the additional features that come with this tool is the fact that it allows users to draw a freehand area of the position they would like to capture.

Basically, this program grabs contents of an unmovable are of the screen. At the same time, users get an opportunity to use the program menu which allows them to capture certain elements of the screen with les struggle. This means that one can easily capture the toolbar or even the folder tree in Explorer.

These are indeed fine details that you would not like to leave out while grabbing images of your screen. Live Capture provides all these features to ensure that you come up with the best and quality images. It also has the web capture tool which has the ability to grab images in a web page. The auto scroll option is also included in the live capture tool. This allows you to scroll program windows or a program window while capturing all the content in the window.

The timing capture tool is a feature that ensures that images are captured at a specified time. This gives users an opportunity to specify the exact time when the images need to be captured. Images can be saved as GIF, JPG, PNG and so on. This can be done by using an automatically given name or the user can choose on a preferred name. As such live capture is not as good as other programs since editing options are a bit limited. However, you need to understand the basics and the rest will be an excellent image grabbing experience.

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