Gnumeric – A Perfect Alternative To The Compatible Excel


Thousands of people around world look for the best spreadsheets for their PCs. Most of them normally download the free open office competitor. The two are the openoffice and the libreoffice spreadsheet. However, if you are looking forward to equipping your PC with a lightweight spreadsheet, then you should consider the GNOME project’s Gnumeric. As much as it might appear plain at first, especially to users who are used to excel 2010, the program is an excellent alternative. Basically Gnumeric has more features similar to those of XP. Additionally, if you are not a ribbon fan, then this is the best program for you. This program further offers an excellent excel file compatibility. It supports various formats when it comes to downloading documents. You therefore do not need to worry about downloads on your spreadsheet. As much as export is actually impossible with this program, gnumeric has various options to go by. As soon as you start using this program, you will realize there is more to this program. The program’s interface works as that in Explorer. It has linear and nonlinear solvers. This is an advanced functionality which is rarely found in other spreadsheets. This makes calculations on the spreadsheet more advance. This is a plus for this new spreadsheet tool. In addition, one can easily come up with results of calculations since the program makes calculations far much easier compared to the common spreadsheet. It is definitely worth having it on your PC.

Gnumeric has an excellent range of graphs, with same format as that in Explorer. As much as openoffice and libreoffice provides great outcomes, gnumeric is also an excellent tool which has a lot to offer to its users. You can try it out and experience a total makeover on your PCs spreadsheet.

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