Promodity Announces Its Marketing Campaign Service That Will Benefit Small Businesses


Israeli startup Promodity has announced the release of its management platform for advertising campaigns. The platform that is scheduled to benefit small businesses is now available and free.

The tool is going to be very beneficial especially in optimizing conversion rates. In all likelihood, even the web marketers are not going to be left behind because they still stand the chance to benefit from the use of this tool. The ration of people who are browsing to that of people who are actively buying is what is referred to as conversion rate. The essence of buying also involves website viewers becoming members or engaging them in the download of apps. Yet at the core of it, marketers have always wanting to convince non customers to be customers. Promodity is a new tool that comes in handy as it allows the combination of many popular tools.

Promodity is essential for any online business. The tool allows users to take control of their marketing campaigns. This can range from media coverage, e-mail marketing as well as advertising. Businesses are able to optimize their campaigns. Another good advantage is the fact that promodity gives a business the golden opportunity to design new content from web based campaigns. Keeping the progress of your campaign will definitely be an easy task. It will be easy to take control of marketing budget and in this way, one can be able to attain maximum efficiency and cut on costs. Information regarding the web based traffic that is based on time and language will be presented in real time. Businesses have the opportunity to try out Promodity and know its privileges and advantages. The program is particularly beneficial for small businesses. It is a good and modern form of marketing and promotion that can have positive impact on the prospects of a business.

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