You Can Now Safeguard Your Internet Connection With The New Net Guard Program

Net Guard

You can now protect and safeguard your internet connection with the use of Net Guard. The new tool has been released with the ability and capacity to help users take control of their internet connection.

It will now be easy to optimize download speeds as well as take charge of the internet. There is no doubt that watching over the internet connection can help to save more money and protect the computer. Because Windows has limited tools to help in this protection, Net guard is now available. It is a program that simply opens as a tiny bar. It then proceeds to monitor the download speeds for the open connections that are running. If there is any process that has gone online, the user will be notified through an indicator. There is also room to know more because a single click on the tool bar will be able to show the recent processes that have uploaded data. Even more importantly, it will be possible to know the amount of data that has been transferred in one single day.

The main window of the Net Guard program can be launched by simply double clicking on the toolbar. As such, it is possible to take views of the different online activities that are happening. NetGuard is a good program that is able to let the user view the internet connections that are open. The connections are clearly displayed along side their protocol, initiating process and remote IP address. The program also features an advanced and more organized net Monitor tab. This tab can display processes and programs that have gone online.  It does not matter if the process is still running or have ceased. If you want to know the amount of traffic that the processes have generated, Net Guard is all you need. The program is configurable and also easy to use.

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