Comodo IceDragon Is Launched As A Better And Secure Browser

Comodo IceDragon

A new web browser has just entered the market that is already filled with numerous browsers. However, Comodo IceDragon is better in terms of features and reliability.

The rise in numbers of people who are going online is alarming. Nonetheless, going online is a clear indication that one has to decide which the most appropriate web browser to use is. A web browser is essential and very useful because it helps you to find your way into the internet. The Comodo IceDragon has just arrived and it is better because it incorporates a Mozilla core. It benefits most people who are security focused about web browsers. The fact remains that not all users will want to use the same type of browser with the aim of getting added security. This is why a Mozilla based version of Chrome has been launched to give internet users more appealing options. It is a Comodo browser that features the same tools like its predecessors. The only difference is the fact that it is Mozilla based. Primarily so, a bigger audience and the entire world at larger is now able to access a more secure web browsing. The good advantage is the fact that Firefox users still have the chance to import the history of their bookmark and passwords into IceDragon.

It remains to be seen how the world is going to react to the new browser. Nonetheless, facts and signs of its success are already manifesting. What is obvious is the fact that the interface has received massive improvements. Even more importantly, the security is arguably the best feature of this browser. Users will have the golden opportunity to access Comodo Secure DNS. It provides a more secure browsing by ensuring that you do not visit a malicious site. Moreover, Firefox users will find it advantageous because they can still be able to use all the browser extensions. Above all, the browser has a site inspector that comes in handy when one wants to check the validity of a website.

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