Online Anonymity Is Now Achievable After The Launch Of Hideman


Hideman is a program that has been launched to make it easy in maintaining online anonymity. It simply means that a user will be allocated an IP address in a different country. It is an easy to use program that will definitely benefit internet users seeking anonymity.

Hideman is able to provide services in various countries including France, Czech Republic, Panama and Canada. Citizens of Netherlands, Russia, UK and the USA will also benefit. As a user, you will be able to choose choice of your own country. Incase a user is not contented with the selection; he or she can refresh and wait for his preferred country of choice to appear. The good advantage is that this program is easy to set up. Because you do not have to create your account, the installation becomes an easy process that can be done in a very short time. Because there is no need for creation of an account, one does not have to part with any personal information or the use of an email address. The payment tab also provides an option for users to choose the fee hours they want to use. In most cases, users will be allocated up to 4 hours of free service in a period of one week. This is definitely an affordable service that is going to change internet use. In general, the anonymity of Hideman can be accessed for one hour but the user has the chance of extending this period by going to the payment tab.

Those who have already tried the program confess that the performance is already remarkable. However, the free connections are going to have their own disadvantages. For instance, there is going to be limitation in terms of speed especially at peak hours. This means that the time when you go online will matter. The payment options are wide and it gives users a good chance to make their decision. You only have to click on the payment tab and select your own plan that you can comfortably pay.

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