The Release Of ON AIR Program

Skype ON AIR

A new plug-in for Skype has been launched and it is able to give users the chance to share details of music that they are listening. This is simply done by making changes to the Skype message status when a new track is paled.

A lot of music lovers will obviously enjoy sharing their excellent music taste with the people they know. ON AIR is a program that lets you go about this sharing through chat client. If you are listening to your favorite music, you can easily share it with people you know. You can also share important information about the track you are listening to. The status of Skype can also be customized by using links, emotions and texts. The extensive history section is also very important. It helps to keep track and record of all the tracks that you have been listening to. At the moment, there is support for 33 different media players. Users will be able to make if you play any music in the media player, you will be in a position to receive all the broadcasting details. You can also set the plug in so that it is able to ignore those that you do not like. As such, you can let the ON AIR program to monitor whatever you are playing. You can also choose to ignore embarrassing music and play it in a different place like the windows media player.

ON AIR is an east to use program that allows you to change your Skype status. When the current playing music changes, you will be able to know what it is through the pop up that will appear with all the details. After clicking on the pop up, you will be able to view all the details regarding the artists, the lyrics of the song you are listening to, and other important information. In addition, one can also be able to know the discography details.

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