AVGs PC TuneUp 2013 – Stronger And Better

PC TuneUp

The AVG Technologies has introduced its system cleaning and optimization tool PC TuneUp anew recently with solid improvisation in performance. The recent release is the reflection of the publishers capabilities extension since merger with TuneUp Software GMBH at the third quarter of 2011. AVG made its major revamp with the tool by replacing its boostspeed technology with the TuneUp’s tuning utilities.

The PC TuneUp is much known for its systematic and robust performance optimization in specific areas like registry cleaning, freeing up clogged drive spaces and shutdown maintenance. If you shade light on the detail capabilities of the program you will find an amazing feature of recommendations that let you put the system start up as a time saver. It recommends the users on what to keep for start up, what to avoid and what to fix. The PC TuneUp conducts a quick scan of the system to optimize the machine with program performance. Whether it is battery life, or online connectivity, system optimization; PC TuneUp can fix and figure them all.

The all new capabilities of the tool have came with such features that are rare in other applications. You can use the program to disable certain apps that unnecessarily utilize much of your system resource. Its background processes will continue monitoring the system’s integrated performance. It will make recommended programs to run automatically in the background that are relevant with your usage. It can restore the system settings and performance features to its default settings automatically.

The tool is easy to use with its clear to understand navigation and interface system. It does not require any expert handling. The PC TuneUP you have used earlier in your computer and the new one that got released recently has very strong differences and capabilities. In fact, the latest release of PC TuneUp from the AVG Technologies will give you complete new experience.

Download AVG-PC Tuneup

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