JD´s Auto Speed Tester – Check Your Internet Speed

JD Auto Speed Tester

The fluctuating internet connection speed makes working tirelessly completely difficult. If you happen to experience the same problems like, it takes too much time to upload or download a file, the video streaming gets slowed, the browsing gets white screen; then your internet connection is all responsible for the problems. Having a net speed checker can validate your suspicion. Try the all new JD’s Auto Speed Tester.

JD’s Auto Speed Tester is a handful freeware tool that runs in the system background to keep you informed about the data transfer information. It also can function at regular interval without slowing your system performance. If you do not want to experience the slowing performance of your system but also want to know the speed frequently then get the Auto Speed Tester which will produce hourly reports with all information needs. The new program’s reporting capabilities are something that needs well mentioning here. It provides all the data a user needs like upload and download speed, pinging time, jitter, packet transfer and loss. Along with a numeric details, all such information keeps coming on a graphical output. All these data are transferable as the program has built in qualities to generate CSV file. Its adjusted memory and data processing system can verify important data transfer information and conclude to identify certain period of the day when the internet connection keeps draining. You can have this information as an email notification as well.

In terms of customization, the new Auto Speed Tester from JD is greatly configurable. You can tweak the system settings to get your desired results. You can turn certain tests on or off. You can keep the program to refrain from the speed check when you are downloading or uploading an important file. The main fact with the JD product is, it will never leave its mark on your system performance and the program itself is not so heavy. It costs 1.2MB RAM support to run that hardly goes beyond 2MB.

The Auto Speed Tester is a helpful tool that comes in lightweight and works powerfully. It supports all Windows OS’s.

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