Finding Videos Online Is Now Easy With Convertilla


Convertilla is a new tool that makes it easy to find videos online. The tool not only makes it easy to find the videos but also put them in a good format that can be played easily.

Convertilla is easy to use even for the novice users. The fact that it does not involve bit rates or codecs makes it easy to use. The only thing that the user is required to do is to drag and drop files on the program and it will be able to execute the other functions. After selecting the output format and choosing the convert option, it will be easy to do the rest of the functions. In addition to this simplicity, it is also possible to import different files using the tool. These files include FLV, MPG, WMV and MP4. These files can then be exported in different formats that include 3GP and MP3 as long as you need the soundtrack of the videos you have downloaded online. The user also has total control of the quality of the videos he or she downloads and it will also be easy to control the final resolution.

Apart from finding videos online, Convertilla also makes it easy to access profiles for different common devices such as Nokia N series, Black berry, Android and iPod. Other devices that can have compatibility include Sony PSP, Sony PS3 and Microsoft zune. The only thing to do is to select the right file and begin to enjoy the full view of the clip you want to play. The work of the tool is to choose the right output format to go along with the appropriate resolution so that the video is more appealing. The conversions made by the tool are done easily and at the right speed. Nonetheless, the program also comes wit its own limitations. For instance, one can only be able to convert one video at a time.

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