Nitro Reader 3.0 Is Launched

Nitro Reader 3.0

Nitro PDF Pty has announced the release of a new PDF viewer. Nitro Reader is a new creator that comes with plenty of tools which are essential for interpreting and explaining different PDF documents. It is a viewer and creator that is easy to use with more simplified tools.

The Australian software developer says that the new creator and viewer will be with more improvements that are similar to the ones seen in the Nitro Pro 8. This is seen as the first commercial creator and viewer from the company that can not only edit but also convert PDF files swiftly. It is also easy to align even the small PDF files into the desirable sizes. Indeed, this is viewed as the first PDF viewer of a kind because users will be able to create and secure their digital documents. Apart from collaborating with digital documents, the users will also have the privilege of signing and reading the documents. The auto recovery option is equally an important feature of the new tool. The build comes with recovery features and can save documents after every 10 minutes. The documents are saved in the background of the computer to avoid any possible loss of data. Immediately the power resumes, the reader is able to recover all the files and data.

The smart alignment is also another vital feature of the build. The feature comes in handy to help users fill out forms the easy way. The texts are arranged in a systematic way using a grid that cannot be seen. Indeed, handling PDF formats will now be easy because it improves and eases all the effects. The Nitro build has features that will enable users to form fields and also include comments in PDF files. It is clear indication that file sizes will be easy to manage because they cannot get out of proportion.

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