You Can Now Manage Big Files Using Split Byte

Split Byte

Split Byte is a good program that can be used to separate files and make them more manageable. It is used to manage most of the programs that are used to create bigger files. This includes shooting videos or running back ups.

Split Byte makes it possible to not only back up files but also share them with others. If you need to separate and divide the files into smaller ones, this is the right tool to use. Using it is easy and the user is required to point it at the large file that is to be arranged. After choosing the number of chunks you need, the next step is to set the desirable size of the chunk. After this, Spilt Byte will be able to arrange the files according to your desired size. More bonus features and exciting options wait the user because the program is simply too exciting. For instance, the new program has been equipped with the tools that enable it to zip files before the splitting process. This makes it easy to minimize the number or chunks and make the more manageable. When it comes to data encryption, this is the best software. This is more applicable if the file contains information that is more confidential.

The chunks can also bear the same timestamp as the original file. Once the source file has been disintegrated, it is also possible to delete it and proceed to send the chunks to specific recipients through email. The join function of the program is easy to use and more straight-forward. On the face of it, the program is viewed as disadvantageous because it is larger and occupies a bigger space of over 15MB. Nonetheless, the installation and the set up process is much easy. All in all, Split Byte is emerging as one of the most reliable file splitters wit better features. It is the ultimate way to make big files convenient and controllable.

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