MediaRecovery 8 Is Launched To Help Users Recover Deleted Or Lost Video Files



MediaRecovery 8 was launched by O&O Software Company based in Berlin. This is another new product of Windows recovery software. The aim of launching this tool was due to its specialization in recovering deleted or lost music, photos and or video clips from the computer system.

MediaRecovery version 8 has a capacity of 64 bits which is the optimization of Windows 8. The version has various number of media formats. These different media formats helps in thoroughly searching for any missing file. The probability of the possibility of getting the missing files by increasing the chances of you getting the file. It is the newest and first recovery engine ever released since 2009 when the last recovery version was released which was version 6. There is no version 7 and the release of version 8 is due to the synchronization of the disk recovery 8. The version has the ability of search algorithms. The media recovery 8 with the features of search algorithms enables it to search deeply and faster for any lost file.

Version 8 has the ability to support files under media format up to 80 different types of files. This enables it to incorporate and work with all media lies available in the system. Media formats such as WMA, TIF, MPEG, WAV, JPEG and Quick Time are supported by media recovery version 8.It is very useful to people who are dealing with huge volumes of video clips and music. The version helps searching a single file needed from many files available of the same category. The files should not only be available in computer system, but it can search missing files in any removable or auxiliary devices. The software is simple and easier to use. MediaRecovery 8 is an easy to use program for all computer users.

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