Stardock Decor8 Has Now Been Released


Stardock Decor8 is a new tool that has been introduced to the market to enable users to change the appearance of the start screen on the operating system. It works efficiently and comes with easy functionality.

One of the major features on Windows 8 that ahs been complicated is the Start up screen. In all likelihood, the customization options on the Start Screen are not extensive compared to those found on desktop. The number of designs that you can select are limited especially no the background of the screen. Users are also limited to the use of color scheme on the desktop. Stardock Decor 8 comes with two major exciting features. It offers users with a chance to pick any type of picture as a background of the start screen. The second amazing feature is the fact that it gives you a chance to choose a custom color scheme. Far from that, you will also be in a position to make changes almost al the aspects that are related to the start screen.

If you need to customize the background of your Windows 8 Start screen, this program is the most appropriate. It is in a position to display different background damages. Even more importantly, users will have the unique chance to use the set of wall papers provided. This usually comes together with the application. The goodies and advantages that come with the StarDock Decor8 are simply amazing. It is easy to add folders which will enable you to use your photos or other images as your background on the start screen. The new images should be able to appear on the screen as thumbnails. It is also easy for the user to choose the way the program is going to handle images if they are tiny or too large.

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