WebMon Keeps You Updated All The Time Automatically

A WebMon is a little Windows free software that keeps an eye on the websites you identify and alerts you of the changes that have been made. This tool has been designed to ease your work in the internet. It’s programmed using java script. The software is free and does not pose any risks to your computer.

One of the most boring ways to spend time online is continuously visiting several website looking for updates. This wastes a lot of your time and makes you more and more tired. It’s more interesting and less boring to check news about your preferred site through the social Medias. News about new stuffs and happenings will always be posted in their social medias. If your favorite websites don not have a social media it’s hard to keep up with the news. You definitely need to have web mon in your computer. This will prove to be of benefit to you and your time.

The installation of the software is easy and only adds a single icon to your system. On the icon right click to your favorite web pages. Enter the pages address of the websites you want updates from. Start the web address with www, instead of http because the software does not have http support. You are able also to specify how frequent the website is to be scanned for updates. You can set it to even a minute or a month and you will be receiving these updates as soon as they occur.

You select the content that you want the software to update you on. You will not be getting all the fluff that is happening in the website but only what you are interested in. websites with dynamic content will put you at a risk of not getting your updates the correct way. This is due to the constant changing of the addresses and many redirections. WebMon always runs in the background and consumes minimal space in your ram. Your computer will not slow down for any reason. The software only shows the updates in form of pop ups. They do not distract or interfere with your work. To open the pop ups you click on the pop up and it automatically redirects you to the main site for you to view your update.

You can also add more addresses to the software by importing them from your browser. If you are distracted by the pop ups you can chose to change the mode of notification to a beep. Web Mon is among the best ways to keep you informed. You can continue with your work while at the same time the software keeps you updated. On the pop up it will headline what the update pertains and it give you a choice to ignore the update.

It’s a vital tool for every computer user to have. The software is downloadable to any computer. The maximum memory that the software uses in your computer while in usage is 6.5 MB. This is very low compared to other programs in your system.

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