Lock Out Wi-Fi Intruders With Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless network Watcher has been introduced to the market to help users protect their systems from Wi-Fi intruders. It is an extremely compact program that does not take a lot of space in the system. It can operate without any installation.

It is possible to secure your wireless network by using a good encryption and it will give you the best place to start. However, there are problems involved with the encryption especially if you turn it off. It is possible for intruders who use Wi-Fi network to access your wireless network without your knowledge. However, it is possible to watch or discover them using Network Watcher known as NirSoft. It is a program easily installed and simple to use in your computer system. The program greatly helps many people to detect the Wi-Fi intruders.

The program has a capacity of about 700KB in drive space and its extreme in compact. Once you download the software, you do not need to use any other installed program, just unzip it and you are ready to go. Set the program as default and quickly run an inventory of the network to return various details suitable for each device that it encounters. Devices such as MAC address the device name, IP address and its manufacturer, which is not necessary. To use the program, follow several steps that you should execute to make the program work perfectly for you.

Click on an option of background scan provided, then choose Beep on the New Device button and finally the program will initiate the running process of regular network scans. It will automatically alert you if any intruder in your network is detected. Apparently, the program will continue running a background scans. However, the regular scanning should repeated occasionally due to the fact that background scanning is not fast and intensive and might be not as effective compared to regular scan. Consequently, the program does not cause any overload to the computer system. You can cross check all processes in the Task Manager clearly show no any resource is used at all.

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