Organize Margins On Your Windows With MaxMax Program


MaxMax is a new simple tool that gives users an opportunity to arrange and organize margins within a maximized window. It has been tested to be a simple and user friendly tool.

It is important to maximize your PC window particularly when you are working on a huge amount of data or image or even on an important program.  Maximizing your screen helps you to allocate all real estate to the program while removing distraction if any exist. You need to access other necessary features that might be useful and important in your work. When the screen is maximized, it is not possible to access all necessary options of real estate. Therefore, MaxMax solves this problem by displaying the missing options.

The MaxMax program is not a complicated application and it allows you to configure your screen margins not covered with a maximized window. The margin is visible and it is approximately about 160-pixel. It is possible to personalize the margin using the program. You need to right click on tray icon of MaxMax system and then click on configure option to customize to desirable look. You can easily resize the margin to a screen edge and being the best idea to keep it small to avoid losing real estate of the screen.  The program works perfectly in that it does not actually affect any application that had to run in a maximized screen such as games.

However, if the program creates problems with other application in your system, possibly disable it. Use hotkey with exclusions list to choose a process that will allow it to remain in its normal size. In addition, a good idea is to choose an application that would keep your real- time information and share prices at a visibility point. Choose a preferred option from many provided by MaxMax application suitable to suit you. It can look unusual to you but the program is an easy and quick way to make margin maximized on your PC.

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