PortScan Is Released For Sniffing Out Network Activity

The solution for any problem caused by network into the PC is solved by the use of network scanner. The network scanner is a tool used to troubleshoot these network issues. PortScan is one of the network scanner program or software tool used. PortScan is an executable program of a capacity not exceeding 59KB. However, this type of program does not carry high level of checks on the network system of any computer system.

It is troublesome to work with network issues or computer network activities on the PC system. It takes several minutes or hours just to know the exact course of the problem. To establish the reason or reasons for the troubleshooting, the network scanner is needed.

The merits of this program are that, the tool is easier to use or to be executed in the computer system. The software contains menus, the options or settings are easy and simple. The program is launched by choosing the type of port or device to be scanned. The final stage is to click on start option and the rest of the process is done by itself. The outcome of the process is so much explained, the truth is, you are unable to see other networking PC IP addresses. Instead, the result is displayed the program. Some of the displayed results include; open ports, FTP, HTTP, MAC addresses, iSCSI, SMB and many more results. The result depends on the device scanned.

In addition, the network scanner does not only show or display the address results, it also shows different results. For instance, when search device options are used, the program shows various results such as the type of port used, the name and model of the port scanned. The list does not end there, IP address among other features are displayed. But if the missing of advice occurs, what you need to do is to test the connectivity of the device to networked computer system. To establish the cause of this problem, a Ping tool is used. A Ping tool is program used to detect the missing device from a computer system. Alternatively, internet speed test is used instead.

The use of these detective tools and result in generating volumes of data that is displayed after the network scanning is completed. A later analyzed report of XML is done to finalize the process.  The tool is not able to analyze XML reports efficiently. This is one of the minor problems of the program.

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