Attribute Changer Has Been Released For Tweaking File Attributes

Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer is a new tool in the market that has been released to make it easy for users to manage their file and folder properties.  The tool comes with an array of features that will definitely be of great help to users.

There are many times when windows explorer does not give the necessary information users need when it comes to files and folders.  It goes to show that the properties dialogue of windows is vague and often comes with limitations. In other words, it does not give enough information concerning the file attributes. Moreover, there are also other vital details such as file straps that may be visible but there is little one can do when it comes to making changes. Nonetheless, the struggle is now over with the launch of attribute changer. It is a unique tool that will help you to take control of your folder as well as file properties.  In order to know and explore the interface of the program, you need to install the program and right click it then select the section of change attributes.  The dialogue will appear giving you numerous options.  Needless to say, the first choice you will face is the option of file attributes and how you can begin to tweak them with only a click. One can be able to hide, tweak or compress the files within a single click.

Attribute Changer also makes it possible to know the status of your file creation and the last time the file was accessed or modified. The settings can also be adjusted manually to your preferred time. Browsing through the different tabs will give you more options. For instance, it will be possible to standardize the case for the particular files that you have selected. There are simply more configuration options that you can ever imagine.

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