File Synchronization Is Now Easier With BitTorrent Sync

Bit Torrent Sync

A new file synchronization app has been launched. BitTorrent Sync is a powerful tool that has a lot to offer the users. Even though it is available in private beta, users who have interest in the app can send invitation requests.

The app is available for Linux, Windows and OS X. Once you have installed the app in the system, using it is easy because it has straightforward features. Setting up and controlling the app. is easy and it can be done through the tabs that are located across the top. Setting up the Sync is the first major step forward which is achievable within the shared folders.  Clicking the add button will take you through the initial stages of the process and this will result into a key being generated. Consequently, the user needs to browse the particular folders that are going to be synchronized. The indexing process is not long but it all depends on the size of the file.

The app also features another tab of preferences. This is an additional feature that enables users to carry out personalized options. This could involve checking out updates or simply starting up the app at the same time when the windows boots. The task may be a little difficult when you are moving to another computer. However, upon entering the exact key that was generated on the first device, you will be able to use the app. A lot of focus has also been shifted to security. File synchronization is done with much protection so that users do not loose their vital data. The app uses LAN so that the synchronization process is as fast as possible. The traffic between the devices involved is encrypted using special private keys to enhance the security. BitTorrent Sync is due for release but it is not yet available for general use.

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