BurnAware 6.0 Is Launched As The Perfect Disk Error Checker

BurnAware 6.0 has been launched and it comes with more amazing features such as an updated burning engine.  There is also the inclusion of a new tool meant to check the disks for errors.

BurnAware is as disc burning tool that is compatible with windows. The number of improvements will definitely catch the attention of users. All the burning elements can now be successfully grouped and there are also numerous bug fixes included. Perhaps the most enticing improvement of the tool is the inclusion of view menu that has been added to its roaster.  This helps users to check the basic locations in a large size or the normal size.  The menu also features a verify disc tool that can be used to scan the disc for errors. Using the tool makes it easier to detect and read errors that may occur.

Another noteworthy feature of the tool is its ability to burn 800MB CD. Needless to say, it also gives users the opportunity to select the right type of cache size and set the size they prefer.  Moreover, the tool has all it takes to enable users import files that have been embedded by UDF. These are multiple extent files that have proved difficult to import using other previous existing tools.  The program is advantageous because its burning engine has been greatly updated to make it more user friendly. There is a user manual provided that reflects all the updates and changes made to the new build. The new version is also advantageous because it is able to give a more reliable optimization of data transfer when the burning process is on. One can be able to write errors after the burning process has been terminated.  If the disc images that have been produced have errors, it will be possible to correct them.

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