Calligra Announces The Launch Of Calligra Suite 2.6

Calligra Suite 2.6

The Calligra group has officially announced the release of a better version that is more improved than its existing productivity suite.  Calligra suite is a tool that is compatible with Linux.

This is a special tool that is easy to use and has all it takes to make authors create eBooks easily. It also gives an additional option of adding interactive content. Some of the contents that authors will be privileged to add include embedded web content, animations and scripting. This is what makes the program versatile and appropriate for an eBook enthusiast. There is also a number of application enhancements included to make it easy when managing spreadsheet applications.  The stage of the tool is set and users can be able to create, work and make any necessary changes to the animations made. It is a clear indication that managing presentation slides will be an easy task as a result of the use of this tool.  There is also much support and compatibility with the color management system of OpenColorIO.

Lest you forget, Calligra Suite2.6 has also been equipped with improved document compatibility. This simply means that the tool is able to handle Microsoft office documents easily and be in a position to load any 3D shapes. Calligra suite 2.6 can load and save animations. Yet at the core of it, the tool has been equipped with the necessary features so that it can export documents to EPUB2. The company has already announced its intentions to include the MOBI exportation to the 2.6.1 version that is scheduled for release later.  Apart from improved layout for Words, the Suite also boasts of more enhanced CSV import capabilities. There are also numerous chart customizations as well as Kripta speed ups. All these improvements have been added to make the suite as useful and helpful as possible.  Obtaining the package of the suite is very easy even for the novice users.

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