DiffView – Give Me Sight Beyond Sight


Have you watched the Thunder Cats cartoon serial where Liono asks his sword of omen to give him sight beyond sight? If not, then no worry, get DiffView, a tool that will simply inform you what actually goes in and on with your PC when you play games, do typing or browsing.

Computer system works only when lots of its subfunctionalities works that we call tasks. It saves data, records registry, updates applications and so on. Simply ask your DiffView which part of the recent activities you would like to scan. Select that particular folder and DiffView will reveal you recent changes. You can moderate the number of minutes that changes have been occurred to your system by inserting that number. For example if you want to see the recent activity for last 10 minute then simply type 10 in the DiffView dialog box. Since the program works at comprehensive level, its reporting skill lists all sorts of activity that run in the background of your computer system. Therefore, you ask it to check changes for longer time period then you will get the report with lots of system executions list. It will also take time to prepare report with that detail. The DiffView can generate text based report as well.

The DiffView program is useful for beginner and intermediate users. The program will not suit the expert users. However, the DiffView works and can deliver results. Therefore, DiffView is recommended.  It helps in troubleshooting. Have it to ease your troubleshooting.

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