Everedit Is Now Available As An Alternative For Note Pad


Everedit is an alternative tool that you can use instead of Notepad.  It is a powerful altertnative because of more versatile features included. It is advantageous because it does not need any adware or installations. Users are only required to unzip the file and begin to use the tool.

Its versatility is no doubt its bargaining power. It can be used for many purposes or functions because of the built in template support.  Apart from the PHP, HTML and the C templates, it is also possible for users to add their own templates. Moreover, the tool comes with the option for users to open binary files. The interface has also been improved and is now configurable. For instance, it comes with more configuring options that are not ubiquitous for a program of this size. Another notable feature of the tool is its ability to display a directory view that can be used to browse the system. If you want to manage, navigate and exploit lengthy files, there is outline window provided and this makes the task easy.

If there are texts that you use frequently, they can be entered easily using the Snippets window feature of the tool.  There are simply too many elements of the interface that have been included in this tool.  The status bar is more superb and can display the document details as well as the position of the current cursor.  This makes it easy for users to choose their current tab size and make the necessary changes.  Other noteworthy extras that have been included are the plug in support. These are excellent features that are obviously better than the rest of the similar tools in competition. Apart from case conversion options, there are more core editing features included to make your work easy.  The drag and drop feature is very helpful especially if you are moving texts around.  Even though it does not have the ability to maintain multiple clipboards, the program is still a force to reckon in the market.

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