GIMP 2.8.4 Final Is Now Available With More Polishing And Improvements



GIMP 2.8.4 Final has now hit the market with compatibility for Linux and windows. The new build boasts of numerous improvements and interesting features.  The default filters have been enhanced and the drawing is more responsive than the previous versions.

The good news is that most of the improvements made are targeting the platform and this assures users that the tool will be more user-friendly. It is not only more responsive but also comes with better filter tweaks.  The GIMP can be used for long and it still recalls the windows on all the sessions.  This is a strong indication that it can still be able to start on an image that is not layered. On the face of it, there are more plugs in improvements to benefit the user.  For instance, the default values have been greatly enhanced and there are also many bug fixes for the plug in. The OS X platform is the show stopper feature of this tool. It is now possible to make use of the screenshot tool when the user is creating a new image.  As such, the plug in widows appears on the top side of the system and this is a good sign that choosing the language will be an easy task.

GIMP has been radically overhauled and received major facelifts to make it easy to use and better for the user.  It is also easy to translate different languages making it easy for users to use any language.  Other notable elements include the cage transform tool, column dock windows and its ability to arrange layers and make them appear in groups. It is a remarkable tool that can be used on any computer with Linux or windows. In my ways and if the tool is compared to its predecessors, it is more reliable and strong.

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