Rapid7 Announces The Release Of ScanNow For Universal Plug And Play

Rapid7 has now announced its intention to release ScanNow for Universal Plug And Play, a program that will help users to locate and know the IP addresses that are vulnerable. This is a window based tool that will help minimize the vulnerability that IPs suffers.

If the recent statistics is anything to go by, over 40 million IPs are extremely vulnerable that this is an act that exposes the users to remote attackers. It is a strong indication that the vital information of users who are browsing is no longer safe. IP vulnerability has in many ways led to theft of vital data such as bank details and passwords. Nonetheless, this seems to be a problem of the past because ScanNow For Universal Plug And Play is now available.  The program is extremely portable and does not need any installation. It is also easy to use and the user is only required to give the email address and the IP range and the scanning process will begin. The windows based tool will not only scan but also provide all the sensible defaults that are affecting your network.

After the scanning process is complete, you will be able to see the ScanNow report and it will give all the details of the vulnerabilities that your IP has been suffering.  There is a more overview of results if you want more details. Users will be able to know the exact network devices that the ScanNow has detected. Moreover, you will also be able to know the IP addresses that are more vulnerable to the security devices. ScanNow For Universal Plug And Play is the best program that has come to reduce the hacker’s threats and make internet access safe. This is just but one of the fruits of the plausible strategies of Rapid7 as it attempts to make IP addresses safe.

Download ScanNow For Universal Plug and Play

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