VDvideosoft Ltd Announces The Release Of Freemake Video Downloader 3.5

Freemake Video Downloader 3.5

Freemake video downloader 3.5 has officially been released to make YouTube downloading easy. It simply works through entrenching the available download buttons into the web pages.

The biggest advantage of the software is the fact that users will be able to not only save but also do videos. These videos can be converted from different online sources.  The new 3.5 version has more targets on YouTube. Its compatibility with major browsers such as Firefox, Internet explorer and Google chrome makes it the best. Freemake video downloader can be directly triggered from the available download buttons on channels and videos. The good news is that it has wide coverage and compatibility with different YouTube categories.  This includes both the YouTube education as well YouTube music and videos. It will be possible for users to extract artist videos from the artist pages. The same case applies to MP3s that can be ripped from artist pages.  The bolt also comes with its added advantage of being able to resume playlist downloads that were interrupted.

The build was released alongside the free studio 2013 v6.0. It is a build that brings a lot of user friendly features that have been specifically designed in response to the suggestions and feedback from users. Both the Freemake video downloader 3.5 and the Free studio 2013 v6.0 boast of improved stability and can run on any computer using windows Xp or a later version. It is up to the user to do the installation of the two build and begin to enjoy east YouTube downloads of videos and MP3s. The two are reworked and reloaded tools that are better than their predecessors.

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