You Mail Business Edition Is Launched

You Mail

YouMail has announced the release of Business edition which is a new premium service that is aimed at benefitting businesses and professionals.

The new release is no doubt beneficial because of the unmatchable and exclusive features that have been included. Apart from the customizable greetings, there are also in-app ads making it a distinct entity that will obviously benefit the business professionals. The YouMail business edition can be subscribed on a monthly basis at a very affordable fee. You can also incorporate the smart business greetings so as to include your full name and that of the company. It is indeed a remarkable premium that also boasts of a more enhanced mailbox. The mail box is unique and allows unlimited storage. Yet at the core of it, there are functionalities that allow conversation of voice mail to email. This is a clear indication that it is possible to convey voicemails to the email account of the user in the format of MP3 audio attachments or .WAV. Voice mails can also be sent to other designated users if it is being used in an organization. This can include co workers or the assistants.

There is no doubt that YouMail is an easy to use premium and maintaining or purchasing it is cheap. Users can download it from the App store of Apple or from Google’s Play store. YouMail has a lot of focus on provision of classic voicemail systems. Even though it originally started as a visual voicemail provider, there have been a lot of additional standard features that have made it better and more dependable. Presently, Youmail has metamorphosed positively and now boasts of the best apps for popular smart phones such as iPhones and Androids. The company has endeavored to create quality and reliable apps for many other platforms.

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