Access Google Web Fonts From The Desktop: Google Has Made Another Landmark

Google Web Fonts

Google Fonts is a compilation of basic typefaces intended to make websites appear additionally attractive and engaging. Google fonts are composed of various fonts such as Caesar Dressing, Faster One, and Oleo Script Swash Caps among others.

The web giant –Google recently released these fonts and made them accessible from the windows and Mac’s desktop. All those who fancies can use Google fonts for their personals designs and creations on the desktop. Additionally, having the Google font installed on your personal computers desktop means you are saving time and money as well. When you go online, your browser won’t need to download them every time you need them. This as well will impact greatly on the success of your online business knowing full well how essential the speed of a webpage is for Google page rank.

With this new development from Google, you can install and harmonize every available typeface from the registry via the Sky Fonts. The Sky Font is a single-type device that routinely updates already installed fonts. This ensures that you have the most recent versions of fonts made constantly available to you. Nevertheless, if you prefer to download the source files and directly amend the font data, you could do that through the Google Code project.

The Google code project site for Google web Fonts provides you with every font file accessible in Google Web Fonts in addition to Source Files.
The site as well has an administrator for the concerns and issues that users may have. At the issue administrator, people can report any problem they encounter with fonts; related issues can as well be tracked from there. It also serves as a wiki where type designers will get information.

Anybody that is interested to aggressively get involved in the design of a project font is expected to look through the FONTLOG.txt file that comes with the source of the fonts and get in touch with the original designer

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