Autoscreenshot Assists You To Monitor The Use Of Pc Through Habitual Screenshots


If you want to watch over your children’s’ activities on the Personal Computer; then expect to spend a whole lot of money to be able to get a undiluted parental controls package, which has complete monitoring tools, thorough information plus much more.

If what you want is something more fundamental, you could merely download Auto Screenshot, a miniature free of charge tool which will regularly save screenshots. You can view the screen shots anytime by opening the saved files.

The AutoScreenshot program is simple to put together. It has a lot of options which start with selecting the time between subsequent capture say for example one screen capture every 120 seconds, and the folder where you want your pictures to be saved.

You have the option of telling the program to only save the latest images, as well. For example, save the last 200. When you do this, it will ensure that the permitted drive space is not used up.

When you finish, hit on the OK button, and the setting will be applied – the captures will start. There’s nothing to instantly show you that the program is present. Again, it wrapped up only negligible resources in 6MB of RAM on the PC we used for test-run of the program even with the configuration dialog not closed. When you include it to your startup folder, you’ll have an extremely plain and easy monitoring structure.

We said “plain and easy” for the reason that AutoScreenShot isn’t precisely complex to find your way round it. If someone looks at your startup programs, or Task Manager, he/she would discover that AutoScreenShot.exe is among the files and when he/she browses through the folder for your screen shot, he will get information about what exactly you it is doing.

There are several technological frustrations as well. When the program runs devoid of a system tray icon, for example, then you will no longer be able to access the Options dialog. To change any settings you must do it manually in the program’s Options.ini file, or erase the program and start the process all over again. Though this is not a major problem as the settings in the program are only very few and you may not have any need to do any editing on it, but it’s still frustrating.

AutoScreenshot apart from being simple to use is made available to you free of charge and if your aim is only to monitor inexperienced or non-technological savvy users, or would fancy a screen capture for any reason, then the program might just be very handy to use. Why not try it out?

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