Firepower The New Network Security Option Of Sourcefire


Sourcefire, the security specialist has announced details about the enhancements for its network security platform of FirePOWER. It offers intrusion prevention, a fire wall as well as a solution against malware. All these are offered in a package that is hardware-based. Its aim is to provide protection without affecting performance.

Approach of separate-box makes it simple and easy to add protection to existing networks and it is easily scalable in order to adapt to organizations of various sizes. Enhancements you find in this latest version include intrusion and firewall prevention systems which have better support for IPv6 and also product awareness. Policy on Network address translation could now be set centrally instead of by device. This allows for consistent approach across an organization. Cloud intelligence is used by threat protection of the product in order to have it updated and stay up to date.

Event analysis reports have been added with geolocation. This gives administrators more information with regard to the region of the websites that are being visited. New features on site-to-site VPN allows secure communication when Sourcefire protected networks communicate between one another. In addition to that features that are of high availability for firewall make sure that that disruption is minimal. Even following a device failure the protection will continue.

According to Martin Roesch the founder of Sourcefire and its CTO, present day organizations are faced with a growing number of persistent threats that are also sophisticated, to their corporate data. This increases the demand for scalable and flexible security solutions which could be customized in order to deliver protection optimized for the environments of customers. With the present enhancements to their FirePOWER platform customers of Sourcefire could be assured that they are able to access a security solution that delivers continuous protection before an attack, during one or even after an attack.

More information could be obtained from the website of FirePOWER.

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