Keep Your Windows Programs Updated Automatically With USSU Unlimited

USSU Unlimited

In case you have done that recently, you know what a tedious task to set up a computer is. Downloading your programs and installing them one by one has to be done.

Fortunately lots of tools are there which could simplify this process and USSU Unlimited is one of them. It supports 45 common applications. It also could download and install them with just one click. In addition to that it could download updates as well.

USSU Unlimited is simple to install too. Perhaps it is partly due to it being an open source program. Also, there are no adware and such hassles.

Once USSU Unlimited is launched it will display the status of supported applications through different tabs. It is possible to see if a program is there on your PC or if it is not working due to a missing patch. In case you want the software to manage a certain program you only need to click the relevant “on” button. USSU Unlimited will download and install the program.

Once you set up this software you never need to do anything more. When you switch it to automatic it will launch every time your PC starts and also look for updates and downloads them if necessary.

While everything looks good with USSU Unlimited sometimes it is unable to detect programs that are running in your PC. With our tests it couldn’t detect Flash and 7-Zip in our test computer. Though this is not a big problem it is a bit of a concern.

There are other problems as well. Though program is able to find product keys of Windows and Office, it was unable to detect the key of Office 2013. Office XP-2010 is the one that is being supported.

There is support for a number of programs with this software. One good thing is that USSU Unlimited doesn’t carry any adware. It is interesting to see how the program develops in the future.

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