LopeEdit Lite Is Now Easy To Use



A new notepad replacement tool has been launched. LopeEdit Lite has varied abilities and different uses that can benefit developers and the ordinary computer user.

It is difficult to get a good replacer for Notepad. Even searching online will obviously make you come across many oriented tools and settings for the best option is going to be difficult. Yet at the core of it, there are many tools that may not be relevant or useful to your needs. LopeEdit Lite is a portable program that has come to the rescue of many computer users. The good advantage is that the new version is easy to run from just about anywhere. It is easy to use because it features a new built in file browser that makes it easy for users to locate and access their files. Yet on the face of it, the program has a versatile interface that gives users a unique opportunity to open multiple documents at the same time. This can be done in different tap groups making your work easy. If you find that noel line in the tabs is not enough, it is possible to click and open more.

LopeEdit Lite also comes with a find and replace tool. With the use of the tool, it is possible to send your search results to a different pane. This is a clear indication that users will not have to scroll and search through a long document in order to find what they are looking for. The documents and files are going to present themselves in a neat manner and in a single list. Above all, the tool can be used to bookmark individual lines in single document. With only a couple of clicks, you will be in a position to go back and resume your work. If you have documents that you edit regularly, you can make use of the favorite menus to access them easily. There are simply too many extras and enhancements in the new program. This makes it versatile and user friendly.

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