Nomacs The Free Image Viewer With Unusual Extras


Though the question arises whether we need another image viewer as we have Windows explorer that does a good job, Nomacs which is a cross platform viewer is going to change your mind. It is so good as even to succeed.

The program looks similar to other image viewers when it opens. The possibility is there to open individual files as well as complete folders. Support is there to view files of all main formats with many RAW types of files included. With the help of its thumbnail browser you could navigate to the images you need or with the player you could create an automatic slideshow.

You could customize the viewing area in many ways. You could have basic details, histogram, metadata and many more. Nomacs could run full screen or its opacity could be reduced to leave the program to run almost on the background.

Some basic editing options such as “crop”, “resize”, “rotate” are also there and might become useful sometimes.

An unusual feature with nomacs is when two copies of the same program are running in a PC both could be synchronized. When two images are open with the two when you use zoom on one the other also follows. This is very useful for comparing images.

Even across a LAN you could do almost the same. By setting up one instance of nomacs as the server you could get others to connect to it. Then you could synchronize movements of yours through a folder. You could send an image throughout the network. You could even overlay two images. Since you could reduce the opacity of one it becomes a good feature to compare images.

Since most of these features are managed through hot keys understanding how to use them could be a challenge as there are no local documentations to educate you.

When you browse online help you could learn a bit. In case you like to use cross platform image sync Nomacs could be an interesting program for you.

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